Advantages of Upholstering Your Walls

Easy Benefits of Wall Upholstery

Wall upholstery may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about redecorating your home’s walls. However, there are plenty of great reasons to consider it. It may sound overly complicated, but much like acoustic ceiling panels, they have a lot of potential. Here are a few benefits of this lovely material:

Good soundproofing

Wall upholstery is great for stifling noise, as it will act as a sound barrier. This is a great benefit for rooms used for entertainment or study rooms, to both keep internal noise in and external noise out. This will also help suppress echoing inside larger rooms.

Great durability

This applies to both the upholstery and to the wall itself. Upholstery is a much more durable decor in comparison to painting and wallpaper and is a great cushion for the wall. This will help minimize damage to the wall and in some cases can help people avoid bruises and bumps from slips and other accidents. Upholstery will also not chip or crack, and is very resistant to wrinkles, creases, and other problems.

Convenient blending

Wall upholstery can be directly laid over any surfaces with imperfections, creating a camouflage that wallpapers and paint cannot imitate. Upholstery will help hide cracks and other damage, giving the wall a much better and cleaner look.

Enhanced appearance

Not only will wall upholstery introduce a unique look to your room, but it will certainly make the room feel cozy and inviting, especially if warm and subtle colors are used. If the upholstery is to be used in bedrooms, it will create an even more comfortable atmosphere as it goes well with the bed and other cushions and pillows in the room.

If you are looking at using wall upholstery in your home, HC Custom Upholstery based in Brooklyn, NY can provide the materials you need. We also offer boat upholstery if you own a speedboat, yacht, or any other kind of marine vessel that needs upholstery work done to it. Give us a call at (347) 243-4778 for more questions and for appointments.


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