Furniture Upholstery Repair

Commercial Furniture Upholstery Repair Services from a Reliable Service Provider

HC Custom Upholstery is a company that provides upholstery repair services in Brooklyn, NY. For more than 20 years in the business, our services still remain of the highest quality. We specialize in doing repairs for your commercial furniture upholstery. Knowing that pieces of furniture in your commercial property get worn out faster, we have made our services convenient for you.

Our Furniture Repair Services

The commercial furniture upholstery in your property could be valuable to you. While it may look old and worn out over time, HC Custom Upholstery can help you bring back the quality and beauty it once had. With an array of tools we have, your furniture will be returned to its former glory.

We repair according to your demands. But we also recommend you better and practical ideas. When it comes to repairing your commercial furniture, we pick one of the best options for you. Once you hire us, you will be working with our team of furniture upholstery experts. They can help you with the repairs that you need.

Before we repair furniture for you, we will inspect it. We’ll check the current conditions of your commercial furniture upholstery first. It is important that you not overlook this.

We encourage furniture restoration. This is because we know the value of every commercial furniture you have. Instead of buying new ones, you can restore it by availing of our services. We guarantee you that every item you hand over to us for restoration can look as good as new at the end.

If the furniture in your commercial property in Brooklyn, NY is no longer giving you comfort, then you can have it repaired or restored by us. When it comes to these services, we’re a dependable company that’s right for you. Need furniture repairs today? Call us at (347) 243-4778.


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