Top Tips for Basic Repair Tools

Advice from a Furniture Repair Shop

Furniture repair jobs can be rare or common, depending on usage. Whenever furniture breaks or is damaged, they are normally sent off to the furniture repair shop. However, it can be beneficial to attempt a repair if you have the expertise and materials. In some cases, there are ways to improve the process of the repair itself. Here are a few important practices you can follow for further convenience:

Wear gloves for adhesive jobs

Whenever you need to deal with solvents, wood glue or other liquids that can harm the skin, always take precautions and wear gloves. These will help you avoid annoying skin reactions if you spill something on yourself, and will save time by avoiding frequent trips to the faucet.

Use excellent sandpaper

Sandpaper is a straightforward way to get an amazingly smooth and shiny finish on wood, so make sure you pick up the best quality you can find. This will help you avoid dealing with recurring splinters or rough edges from coarse, low-quality paper. Better quality sandpaper lasts longer and is more effective, getting the job done quicker and with less effort.

Use high-quality brushes

If you go to the hardware store for a brush, try to keep away from the cheaper brushes, as they tend to fall apart quicker than more costly brushes. The problem with inexpensive brushes is when for example, you are a cabinet maker brushing the wood with varnish, and the bristles fall onto the surface you’re working on. You’d struggle to pick them off and finish the area again.

Wipe off the can rims

When you’re done with a can of paint or wood glue, wipe off the excess material sitting on the rim with a cloth or fine brush, so the can will seal properly. Improper or incomplete seals will cause air to get in and will dry up the material inside.

If you have any furniture at home that needs a repair, HC Custom Upholstery, a furniture repair shop based in Brooklyn, NY can provide furniture repair at your convenience. Give us a call at (347) 243-4778 for questions or appointments.


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